04 July, 2010

marah sayang

I'd like to share some bitter-sweet moments in school for this entry. I was assigned for 2 different classes for both subject i taught, Science & English. Kita cerita pasal class hujung dulu occay? This class consists of very weak pupils. Somehow i couldn't believe that i fall in love and have so much stress fun being a teacher. Pfttt!

Me     : What day is it today?
Pupils : Today is Monday.

Me     : Good Morning class. How are u today?
Pupils : Today is Monday. *Grrrr!*

They would just simply said 'Monday' everytime they heard this magic word : today. Luluh jantung! T_T

Day 1,
Me     : What is this? [holding flash card & realia with smile].
Pupils : This is a chalk.[they repeat after me]
Me     : Spell chalk?
Pupils : c.h.a.l.k

There goes the lesson. I also taught them another 2 objects in the classroom. As in their level, 3 objects is more than enough. Drilled on spelling, speaking and writing, thank god finally they know chalk is kapur, duster is pemadam papan hitam and broom is penyapu. Itu pun sedudah bermain puzzle dan riuh rendah menyanyi lagu chalk duster broom rekaan aku. Kami cikgu sungguh multitask ye. Kami pun boleh jadi composer dan penulis lirik kecil-kecilan. Hee.. =)

Day 2,
Me     : What is this my dear? [holding chalk]
Pupils : KAPURRRR.
Me     : No no no.. English please. Again, what is this?
Pupils : KAPURRRR..

ismellme: Arghh, pengsann!
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