31 October, 2011

National Robotic Camp 2011

Organised by Ministry of Education of Malaysia, the National Robotic Camp 2011 was held in Kelantan. With 3 days of activities, students from all over Malaysia assembled to upgrade themselves in this field of knowledge, in the hope that one day they will be creative enough to build a robot..... 

It took almost 12 hours before we reached SK Kandis, Bachok. T_T 

I had never been there and frankly speak, this is the first time! Muntah-muntah jangan cakap la. Layan diri sendiri dengan anak murid bikin pening 12 jam stuck in the bus. Wuhuuu, tobat takmo naik bas lagi ke sana. Eh, maybe sebab first time kot. Sila positif cikzu!

Day 1 : Introduction to robotic & LEGO education by SASBADI. This slot is the best. Maybe because we are used to working on this Lego set compared to another brand especially for National Robotic Competition. After all, congratulation to SASBADI team for make it interesting! The mini competition were quite tough yet the pupils learnt a lot. Bravo! 

Day 2 : Astana Digital session. They introduced us a basic robot with build in programming installed and simple building instruction. Thus, it is a good introduction for a beginner. I would suggest this slot come first for the next Robotic Camp as they should start from the lower level knowledge and skills. The organizer may improve this for the next robotic camp. 

Day 3 : Ice-breaking session with Myrobotz. Hurm, complicated with the wire. Berselirat. Oups! 

We represent Johor. Students are from SMK Taman Daya and SK Bukit Tongkat. 

Explore Kelantan. Lucky that i met new friends yang superb. Kaki jalan and shopping. Jalan sakan ke Rantau Panjang la. Wakaf Che Yeh (eh, betul ke eja?). On the final day Robotic Camp, we had a mini tour. Hurm, not bad for the students. Well, for me i'd rather shop at Pasar Siti Khadijah , memborong Batik crepe silk yang super cantik sampai pengsan. Pftt! :p

Nah, cuci mata segala lauk pauk bakar di Kuala Terengganu. ;)

More pictures here!
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