05 March, 2012

iPhone 4s!

Finallly i managed to get myself a new phone.. After pending and postpone shopping activity dan cabaran dari sis Sha Khalid yang kata handphone i zaman batu. LOL. My old Xpressmusic buat hal for 2days. 2 hari orang sana sini call and sms tapi tak dapat. So, i decided to take a short break hunting for iPhone 4s. Has been hunting here and there in KL, unfortunately out of stock. :'(

Step 1: Call 123, asking for iPhone availability in any Maxis center nearby. Well, Kluang tak ada maxis centre. Kalau ada pun, it will takes about a week to get their stock after order. SAYA MAHU HARI INI JUGA. TITIK. Jenuh juga maxis customer service tu melayan me cari mana iPhone yg available in South region.

Step 2:  Weehoo! Finally they told me that BATU PAHAT maxis centre got available stock. Terus pecut ke sana. It took about 3 hours to settle due to berderetsss customers and me myself register under corporate service before this, so leceh betul!

Yeahaaaaa! Finally!
Mine is in white. ;) Sukaaaa..
Jakun sekejaps.  ;)
Okay-okay. Since i pun baru lagi guna ini talipon, i tak boleh nak review banyak. Belum explore. But, the camera was awesome! Sebab quality gambar xpressmusic yang dulu ala-ala kamera tikam je. Ekekek.. Then itu iCloud i paling suka! Sebab update kat iPhone, kuar kat iPad. Both synchronize  very well especially the contact, note and reminder, photos.. etc. iMessage pun best! Siapa tak suka msg free kan? ;)

Muahaha.. itu usah ditanya! Me tak reti guna lagi, belum explore. Guys, care to share how to? Please do so.. :p

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