07 July, 2012

Designers' Handbag

Once, there's a friend told me that she's happy with her life eventhough she dun have designers' handbag to be proud with.. terasanya i.. Sobs sobs.. And now i found out that she felt tempted on having one..

Ouhhh..darling! Now you read my soul bebeh.. For me, if you afford to buy then go get one as a self reward. After all, you can't deny that it is women's eye candy!! :) So back to her statement, kalau takde pun dah happy..Agak-agak kalau ada satu confirm double triple happier kan? :) Saya pun samaaaaa!

The moment i bought my first designers handbag was on my first free trip in Hong Kong..
 A large tote of Guccissmma leather.. First timer la katakan.. 
My aim was "Hmmm, i wanna have a full leather handbag with huge space, so i can put documents inside"
Amekkaw~ baru letak purse dah saggy.. Haha..

Ok, let's improve!!
On my next trip in Holland, i targeted on a structured handbag and it must be LOUIS VUITTON.
Finally, a i choose a perfect one.
My baby Palermo. LVOE! 
 I can go for casual, just wear it sling or hold the handle for a formal look.
Lalalalla...i just can't describe the feeling of having one.. Happy sangat!! Lagipun the price is much much more cheaper compared to price in Malaysia.

Next trip will be Paris!
This time memang dah terbakarrrrr nak sambar satu CHANEL!
Chanel Classic Flap in black!
Inspired of Hanis Haizi. www.hanishaizi.com
Gila meleleh kalau tengok handbags collection dia.. 
Fuhh! *lap peluh*..
Hehe.. Ok, jom sambung verangansss.. Bye!
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