28 June, 2013

Our Solemnization

What i love about this bridal is they will do their best as requested. 
This mini dais cost me less than RM500. Love it! 

The wedding shoes. Zang Toi, KLCC. 
I love it to the max. Affordable and comfortable.

DIY wedding room deco. 
Flowers arranged by me bought at PISB Air Hitam, Johor.
Furniture by Finnoti Furniture, Kluang Johor.
... for Him ...

Hantaran fresh flower both for bride and groom..
By Abby, Dua Hati Bridal.

 .... For Her ....


Make-up by Kak Ani, Dua Hati Bridal.
Baju nikah tempah di Shangri-La Tailor, Kluang Johor.

 Thanks beautiful babes, t-ha and emma for being there for me. Muacks! huggsss...

DIY Candy buffet untuk kanak-kanak yang hadir. Tak cantik mana, buat ada-ada je. Self-made is a huge satisfaction.

My lovely siblings.

Pictures by Onald. Edited by me. 
Sorry Onald kalau tak cantik jadinya, LOL. 

Mrs Baharin
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