01 June, 2012

Holland & Belgium : Day 1

Tick tock tick tock.. It's already a month away from my 1st Europe trip. Hope it's not too late for me to share my travelog..I had never dream of traveling around the world without spending a cent (except for shopping spree). Nothing impossible with this Premium Beautiful business. Traveling back to back, from Hong Kong, Vietnam.. and now..
Holland & Belgium
 So readers, let's enjoy the pictures on day 1.
With mentor CDM Hanis Haizi... She's the best!
Ayahanda, bonda dan adik beradik pun excited hantar..
Mode eksaited! =)
Naik je flight, makan.. pastu tidur 15 jam. Seriously letih shopping preparation Holland trip lastminute...
Safely arrived @ Amsterdam!
Hidung kembang kuncup tahan sejuk.. Sampai sakit dada..
Cuba teka apa kitorang buat? Haahaha.. 2 budak jakun cakap kuar wap! Tu yang gelak tak hengat..  =P Semua orang bersalin kulit di Schiphol Airport. Hari pertama tu kami tak stay di Holland, terus ke Brussels, Belgium. It took about 2 hours from Amsterdam. On they way singgah R&R (hehe..sukahati bagi nama R&R).
Teringat ayat CDM Razali Zain masa nak ambil gambar ni "Mana syok ambil gambar sorang-sorang". Lalu beliau pun enterframe! =P
FYI, CDM Razali and CDM Al-faath (husband CDM Salha Zain) both are used to be professional IT engineer. End up with full-time business..Terbaek!
Suhu masa ni 3'celcius! Menggigil sampai sakit dada.. Serious sakit dada time tu, macam semput. Tapi nak gambar cantik punya pasal, muka mantain! =P
Dah sampai Brussels! =)
 Let me list out the must of Brussels:
  1. Atomium
  2. Grand Place
  3. Manneken-Pis
  4. GODIVA chocolate
  5. Belgium Waffle
  6. Belgian Lace
1st place we visited in Brussels : Atomium
The Atomium, a 102 mt high monument, was built by André Waterkeyn for the 1958 World Fair. It has nine steel spheres connected so that the whole forms the shape of a unit cell of an iron crystal magnified 165 billion times.

 From Atomium, we moved to the city center. Kagum tengok banyak arca kat tengah-tengah bandar. Arca ke? Hihi..
 Ha, tu apa? Arca  kan? Correct me if i'm wrong..=)
Okay, sesampai di tengah-tengah bandar Brussels, kami terus ke Grand Place. Bangunan-bangunan disini dibina pada kurun ke-16. Memang sangat-sangat unik. 
 The Grand Place has recognised as one of the most beautiful squares in the world. In 1998 it was listed as a UNESCO world heritage site.
And of course....Shopping time!!
Syok posing tak sedar ada General Manager Hai-O kat belakang... Oh,ruginya tak ajak bergambar!
Go-Diva!!! Only diva can eat this chocolates.. GODIVA.. The marvelous, finest and delicious Chocolate in the world! Nyummm! Kalau kat KLCC, Godiva ni mahal ocay! So sambar banyak-banyak kat Belgium! Tapi belum sampai Malaysia dah burpppp...Alhamdulillah..
Strawberry dip chocolate! Slurppp~
Muka pun dah shape strawberry dah ni.. LOL!
Ha,, mari mari tengok budak kencing. Hehe..
This tiny bronze statue,named Manneken-Pis, a mere 58cm high, symbolises the independent spirit of the people of Brussels.
 Next, our tour leader told us that Belgian Lace is a must have item in Belgium. 
The real handmade lace products. Cantikkkkk sangat!
I bought a lace brooch and lace bookmarks as souvenir! Ala, lace bookmark dah misplaced mana tah.. huhu..
Shopping souvenirs : fridge magnets, t-shirts and caps!
Handbags for mom! Classic handmade one.
Polis naik kuda! Kelassss!
We spend just one night in Brussels @ Thon Hotel Brussels. Besttt!
Sekian cerita Day 1 in Belgium! (>_<)

 Wait for my next entry, Day 2,3,4,5,6. Fuhhh!
 Trillions thanks to this wonderful couple for sharing pictures with me. 
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